Rotary Feeder

Rotary Feeder

" Product Details "
Features :

  • Outboard bearings
  • Multi-Seal
  • Round or square flange available
  • Heavy duty oversized shaft
  • Pressure differentials to 12 PSI
  • Housing: Cast Iron / Fabricated
  • Rotor: 8 Vane, open end Close

Benefits :

  • Superior seal design for prolonged life.
  • Select from five sizes to fit most applications.
  • Suitable for all dust collection applications.
  • Operating temperatures to 400°F.
  • Used in positive pressure pneumatic conveying systems.

Speciality :

  • Our Rotary airlock are designed for rugged applications that require an outboard bearing style unit where contamination and /or an abrasive product cannot be handled with an inboard bearing style RAL. The HEM Technologies is Designed for use in high pressure pneumatic conveying systems, with 4000F application temperatures where more of an effective seal is required due to high or excessive wear that is experienced with a simple dust collector RAL.