Hem Technologies

Engineering Consultant & Equipment Manufacturer

Our Services

  1. Preparation of As-Built Drawings for Mechanical, Projects, Electricals, Flow Sheets, Process & Instrumentation diagrams, Plant Layout, Selection and brief specifications of Equipments.
  2. We can create CAD drawings from design data, sketches, assembly drawings / layout for all types of mechanical parts and assemblies using software like AutoCAD-2008 / 2009.
  3. Detail Engineering Services for a various disciplines utilizing the process information and Plant data provided by process licensor or plant consultant to generate basic drawings.
  4. Considering the large variety of mechanical systems and equipment, we take inputs from the basic design features of the product and its preliminary design.
  5. We can complete the design process; prepare sub-assembly, and assembly drawings and thereafter all components are detailed out.
  6. Manufacturing drawings and instructions are clearly laid down, assembly and test instructions provided and finally documentation covering spare parts details, operation and maintenance manuals prepared.
  7. You can utilize our services to the extent best suited considering your own internal engineering resources.